limiting factors? what matters and what doesn't on sales pages

earlier I mentioned possible limiting factors:
  • Little Traffic?
  • Too many distracting elements?
  • Too much for free on the site?
  • Price too high? $19 right now?
  • Not enough info? - sales page too short?
  • lack of trust or credibility because of unknown brand
I created a new sales page which limits 90% of the distractions that were there before.

The sales process is simpler

The page is way simpler.

So, I feel that this new sales page tackles the "Too many distracting factors on the page".

The other possible limiting factors are still there of course.

That's what I need to check next...


The elements I mention above are the BIG things.

When I design a sales page, I see that I need to make many other choices like:

  • icon size
  • icon type and design
  • page layout
  • font sizes
  • colors
  • right offers
  • etc.
a lot of these elements are not deal breakers - they can slightly influence sales but you have really 2 types of factors.

the ones that matter a lot and the ones that are more insignificant.

this second group has less impact.

pricing, can you easily get the material for free somewhere else, etc are the major factors.

These are the ones I try to tackle now.

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