My ex is super angry about me dating this new guy - ARTICLE

Your ex might react in all sorts of very irrational ways when he hears about your new relationship.

He might accuse you of:
  • Betraying the memory of the love you had with him.
  • Jumping too fast in a new relationship.
  • Not taking time to mourn.
  • Not caring about his feelings.
  • Using this new guy as a rebound.
  • Having a shallow connection with a guy you don't really care for.
  • Etc.
In other terms, it's very common for an ex to try to degrade whatever love or romance you are experiencing.

As you can imagine, that's absolute, total non sense!

He does all that for one simple reason: he is jealous.

He attacks your new love because deep inside he still wants to be number one!

It's a competitive response from him.

You have to let your ex go and be ok with whatever emotional reaction he's having.

You simply don't have to listen!

You are doing what's right by dating this new guy.

Right now, your ex's attitude is TOXIC!

Don't contact him for a while.

If he was given the possibility he would happily do anything he can to poison your connection with this new guy.

Stay away from your ex as much as possible if you don't want him to negatively impact on the fun you experience now.

I know you wish he was reacting differently but he will most likely not change and be super disrespectful with his emotional reaction towards you.

Stay away from him!

Right now he's like a virus!

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