new possibilities for ebooks

so, right now, I am selling on kindle and Nook.

works good.

what i want to check now are the possibilities to expand.

there a few ways I can expand:
  • create more titles
  • publish on new platforms
  • publish other formats like audios and dvd's on amazon

I have been publishing lots of new titles and that way of expanding seems to work well.

successful so far.

what I checked today is new platforms.

here is what i found so far:
  • smashwords - not too user friendly so far but still testing it
  • Itunes connect / ibookstore / ipad - that's the most promising platform so far - this should work as I could potentially offer my content to a whole new audience on Ipad and possibly iphones - have to double check that
  • Borders - still searching how to do that
  • Kobo - not too intuitive - checking with them
For ibookstore, or ibooks, it seems that there are a few possible avenues...

Use their itunes connect service to sell content or use a third party service like lulu that seems to connect my content with them.

of course why use a third party like lulu if I can work and publish directly on their platform - that's what I need to check.


Right now, a small challenge that I have to solve is to effectively convert my .doc files to .epub files.

tested that so far but the files is not being accepted as epub file - I am being told that the files contains errors, so I need to check that.


but so far, getting ready to bring my content to the Ipad and Iphone could the next big breakthrough

taking a similar step with my podcasts on itunes in the past was a huge breakthrough - I am calling for help for this to work!

I feel the energy streaming that way

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