So, so far sales on the site for new products are not yet coming in

I just updated the last set of pages for these new product pages.

The usual programs do sell as usual but the new ones not yet.

That's including the access everything membership.

This could be due to:

  • way too poor traffic
  • unadapted price
  • lack of credibility
  • reshape of the pages too recent - have to wait a while to see results.
  • Too much stuff for free on the site - This means that most visitors tap into the free bees and don't buy the products
for the price $19, what's I do have a similar $19 product - cheating for men - only around 30 pages ebook that sold around 50 copies with no refund requests.

When I first launched my flagship products, the same applied - $19 ebooks for break up for men, short 30 pages targeted.

So, the price doesn't seems to be a limitation if I look at it by itself


  • What could be is the fact that the price on kindle and nook are $9.99 which can create a lack of coherence - that could be an issue.
this means that many visitors could click on the kindle link, see a $9.99 price and then come back to the sales page and see a $19 price which might not make sense to them.

Lack of coherence and stuff like that, that visitors don't understand or that doesn't make sense could have a huge impact on conversion numbers.

Not sure.


In the same period of time that's July, I sold around 100 copies of these ebooks on kindle and nook.

So the products as they are, with short descriptions, sample preview, etc. do sell.

I am left with 3 to 5 possible limiting factors that create this:
  • lack of traffic
  • lack of credibility
  • time frame too short - need to wait
  • price too high
  • something else on the sales page
there could be something else on the sales page I am not seeing but I doubt that.

There is a clear payment icon now, free sample, etc.

I just thought of something that could be confusing:

  • It's the download link on the side bar for members - does that create confusion?
This could be incoherent when they click on the link and get the membership page which is like another product.

Another element that  just thought off:
  • Access everything membership not convincing enough? poor sales page?
This one could be another element that plays a role


Do I need to ad a few lines on the side like:

"You will be automatically directed to your ebook straight after your payment"

"The download link above is for members who purchased the "Access Everything" membership"


Another element that could be limiting...
  • Top navigation - the other sales pages don't have it
This could be a distracting limiting factor too.

However, when you check an amazon sales page you have lots of possible distractions - but none of this content is free access.
It is true that when I see the "cheating for men" sales page, the only links on top are functional links like support and your account links.

These are not content links.

what does it say? That on the new sales pages, visitors might look for a way out when they are on a sales page.

they might click on the navigation links and find a whole lot of rich content like videos in free access.

This could represent a big loss in conversions... Not sure...


That leads to another possible limiting factor.
  • Too many free bees on the site. This means that visitors go and watch the videos instead of buying the ebooks.
That could be a possibility.


  • The "author" link could be another distraction as well that takes visitors away from the sales page and gets them an opportunity to get distracted.
The cheating for men sales page does not have any author info. So, it could very well be that the link to the author page does more arm than good.


  • Distracting links...
I remember when I first launched the new amember system, I had lots of links and options on the sales pages.

It didn't work!!!

Too many options are confusing!

It's often better to have just one option and take away the choice making dilemmas out of the equation so that people can relax and don't get the impression they can somehow make buying mistakes

  • two options on sales page
right now, visitors can buy a single product or get the full access everything membership.

This could give them another opportunity to hesitate.

As I experienced when first launching amember, too many choices even 2 choices create hesitation and can kill conversion rates.

It's way easier to make a buying decision when you have only one option.


To summarize, here are a few steps I could take:
  • Remove the complex navigation on top and leave only the functional links like in the cheating for men
  • Ad a couple of explanation lines on the right side bar, in small, under the navigation links: "You will be automatically directed to your ebook straight after your payment", and "The download link above is for members who purchased the "Access Everything" membership"
  • Put a price tag of $9.99 to make it coherent with kindle and nook.
  • Remove "author" link which is a distraction.
  • Remove "access everything" buying option.


So, here we go! 5 possible essential sales pages mistakes...

should I shift these or keep things as they are. do these factors matter or not?

what's interesting is that if each of these elements lowers conversion rate by 20%, you end up losing a huge part of your sales. In fact most of them!

Too many mistakes and you simply make no sales!!!

Besides lack of traffic, is this what's going on right now????

Too many sales page mistakes????

I need an answer!!!


that's what I can think off for now...

I believe that with the traffic I get overall to these pages, I should expect 4-10 sales/month

the low sales numbers should simply be related to low traffic to these pages...

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