What's still missing for new ebooks to sell on the site

I have now close to 70 ebooks on the site.

This books sell relatively well on amazon and nook, but still didn't take off on the site.

I did design new sales pages but these sales pages design are not yet implemented all over the site.

So, here are the limiting factors I already mentioned earlier.

  • lack of traffic
  • too much stuff for free on the site
  • price $19
  • most sales pages are still in the old format which isn't clear with too many navigation distractions
  • lack of site credibility
now, the other programs that do get more traffic already sell well for many years.

these products are $19 and they are on my site.

These suggests that price and possible lack of credibility are not the core limiting factors.

The core limiting factors are still:
  • Lack of traffic
  • The fact that the new sales pages are not yet implemented on a global scale on the site - only 5% of products have the new sales pages and these are business ebooks that get less sales than the dating ebooks anyway.

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