Access everything - I want more sales - Here are possible steps

It's working! sales are coming in!

I feel though that it might be only at a fraction of its potential and sales could be twice as high as there are many optimization points that could be completed yet.

Here are some elements I see:
  • Offer the access everything option on break up and jealousy programs
  • Remove the access everything bonus from coaching credits - to increase perceived value
  • Optimize the sales page - icon, design, maybe record new sales page video
  • ad an info link on the sign up page?
  • Less distraction elements on the ebook sales pages like author link, detailed navigation
  • Ad extra info on sales pages to explain how access works
  • Upsell - send automatic emails about access everything to those who buy a program
  • Increase programs price to $49 instead of $19 to increase perceived value and stimulate access everything sales


Possible info to ad on side bar:

"You will be automatically directed to your ebook straight after your payment"

"The download link above is for members who purchased the "Access Everything" membership"

These could be adding trust and confidence...


Another option is to: 
  • "force" the access everything as the only way to access products on the site.

One obvious element is that 500 videos and close to that many audios are still in free access.

This means that people get a lot for free on the site.

All these free bees allow visitors to access a huge amount of content without having to buy anything.

So, commercializing that part could be another way to go BUT it would as well kill traffic and restrict the access even further if done systematically.

All other elements are optimization element.

This last one would be a restrictive element but a possible option as well.

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