Removing access everything for coaching clients - needed for coherence? yes? no?

I just removed the access everything bonus for new coaching clients.


To test if coherence is needed.

Right now, the access everything costs $99 but if someone was getting even 15 min coaching for $39, they would get the access everything as a bonus.

So, this means that there was lack of coherence with pricing.

which sounds like lightness or lack of professionalism in a way.

The idea is that if it's coherent, visitors will trust the access everything package way more.

That's the idea.

Consistency, coherence.

The question: will sales be impacted?

My feeling is that it won't make a huge difference because only a few isolated people would know about that and see it.

but it could mean 10% more access everything sales.

That's the impression I get.

This is only one element and to increase sales, the site and offers need to be consistent in many ways.

On the other hand, it could very well be that potential clients do get positively triggered by the access everything bonus.

I will test this for a while to get a feeling 

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