after watching some videos and reading some stuff I notice that it would take lots of work to go from seduction used for sex compared with seduction used for selling

Why? because of the detailed language, imagery that you use.

While the structure and intentions can be compared, we are talking about a whole new game.

They are like 2 different types of sports.

the two require a certain set of basic skills that you train.

But the details of the game are very different, so while both games can be developed in parallel like tennis and wind surfing, the set of muscles and skills that you activate in both games are quite different.

However, it's quite obvious too that some people are good at sports and others just suck at any sports they try, at least in the beginning.

So, someone who is good at speed seduction will usually be quite good at developing quickly selling skills too.

he will as well usually be a good teacher as well...

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