So what is this quality I could ad right now??? - Take them to the passion body!!!

  • Being bold?
  • Direct?
  • more refined with my conversations?
I feel that what I am not doing yet is sustaining a certain form of tension.

when there is attraction building up, it feels like a strong fire.

The goal is to sustain that fire and holding it, owning it, owning the desire and projecting it strongly.

So, this is it, that's one quality I can definitely multiply.

It is to dare to be direct with women in expressing that energy.

Expressing the urgency to create that connection.

Most women or people in general avoid this connection because they don't know how to sustain that tension.

So, instead of avoiding it through superficial, nervous or disconnected conversations, you can engage with power, directedness.

I want to anchor that energy in the women I am interacting with.

I want them to feel that power and accept it.

How will they accept it?

By giving them the possibility to go to that place themselves.

This is a safe space because they feel they are in charge of what's happening.

I am just asking leading questions and letting them realize that the potential to experience thrill is right there in them.

In other terms I connect them with their passion body.

The passion body is this state of mind they are in when they feel wild and know as well that nothing will stop them.

That's what you want them to be connected to.

So, you can practice getting them there with any woman you meet.

What questions will trigger that the passion body.

What comes to mind?

Giving them a description of what they want and letting them see that I get them!

Is it better to lead them to that place through questions or is it better to describe to them what they want?
  • So, is this going to be just another Halloween party or the moment when your life changed forever?
  • You see, I believe that there is a potential right now which is not expressed - That's an invisible connection...

I have 2 ways to go, ask them questions and let them explore all that or lead them more clearly to the place where I want them to go.

I could share what happened to me, something personal, and that would give them comfort and let them see I am safe and have the capacity to emote.

Sure, that's an option but that's just one small aspect of the building blocks.

They will not unleash the passion body if I do just that.

The passion body unleashes once they are given the space to ride it.

Why aren't they riding the passion body all the time?
  • Fear of judgement - that's social control
  • Fear of rejection
  • fear of being inappropriate
  • afraid of their own power
  • not really knowing how to do it
  • distracted by their daily life, in other terms, that's lack of focus.

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