Sunfired way - raw food - NOTE

Sunfired way - raw food

- feasting, fasting, healing system
- aris latham
- sorrel - flower - to add to juices (smoothies)
- soak nuts 12 hours! Some enzyme inhibitors are resistant even after many hours in water
- the goal of fermenting is to increase the enzymic activity
- we produce B12 in our small intestine only if you have a clean intestinal system - you need to be a live foods eater to synthesise B12
- you are supposed to be a nervous system shut if you have B12 deficiency - this means that you should be a nervous wreck if you have B12 deficiency
- B12 leads to low energy too!
- all root vegetables are starch based
- kick back flavor - adding flavors to juicing left overs
- sunfired is a fusion cuisine - many origins...
- the more starch you eat the less fruit you can enjoy
- you need to detox - fasting
- headache = toxic irritation on the brain
- forget the starch - increase the protein intake
- jam = simply fruit and dates or other types of dried fruit
- new pie recipe - crust=same - fruit (banana, etc) = middle layer - jam=top layer + ad more layers new fruit layers (mango) + jam again
- dharma healing international - ko samui - Thailand
- vilcabamba - equador 30 miles from Peruvian border - sacred valley - valley of longgevity - check it out! Near Loja -

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