Trigger incredible experiences in women at will

I am talking about any human, not just women of course.

Imagine that through the power of seduction or putting people in hypnotic trance, you can generate these states of incredible bliss.

that you can take women to this place where they do experience real consciousness opening, that their whole being realizes the truth, the beauty of life!!!

Imagine that this power is yours!

That's shaktipat!

What's the goal, trigger these experiences through sexual exchange or awakening or is there another type of way?

Of course all pathways are open and sexual exchange is one of them!

That's tantric sex or any form of awakened sex!


So, the point is that through that type of simple direct training, through the same communication techniques, you can induce mystical trances in the women you meet.

You can trigger sexual fire and passion, you can trigger total peace, you can trigger, bliss beyond limit and the outpoor of divine energy.

It just depends on your intention on your skills, training and on the forces sponsoring what you do.

What is the stream you are on... You see? You get this?

It's all using the same vehicle which is establishing a subtle vibrant connection with another human being.

All that is within range and uses the same type of techniques.

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