Bliss pouring in! Spirulina, greens, energy mixes, smoothies

High energy level and bliss still on.

It has a been now a few weeks since I launched the new raw food experiments.

Since then, I did cut of lour consumption and added superfoods, like spirulina, goji berries, maca and now a vitamineral green supplement which is made of various greens, algae of various types and some other ingredients.

I had little to no flour consumption now for a few weeks and have been training daily 1 up to 2 hours a day with morning yoga, job and bike in the evenings, exercises, stretches, etc.

I am not pushing too much my body right now. This is not an intensity training period.

I take cold showers.

Get enough sleep.

Do energy exercise breaks throughout the day.

My weight is low and optimized and meal sizes are very moderate.

So, here are some conclusions.

In terms of body feeling and energetic impression, I am close to the highest I have ever felt.

I feel my mind super alert and take great pleasure in any form of physical exercise.

I feel I am as high as 18 months ago when I engaged in intensity training but feel now that this high energy state is reaches with much less effort.

In the intensity training period, I was training 2 to 4 hours daily for 30 days to see if raw food was sustainable with high exercise regime.

yes, it worked.

The experiment right now is:

  • Flour free
  • Small meals
  • Superfoods like spirulina, green power supplements, maca, gojis etc.
The green juices were there till about 3 weeks ago but haven't been juicing recently because the locations I visited were not equipped.

Still, the power boost is still there.

Right now, for superfoods, I only have the green mineral powder I described earlier. Did run out of maca and gojis some days ago.

I have lemon juice and fresh ginger that I use as well in most of my meals.

So, what's going on?

No flour seems to have a positive energetic impact!

I feel higher vibration right now.

I would have to double test this.

Another element that is powerful is no overeating.

I knew that of course but it's one of the keys to the energy boost I feel right now.

Another key element in triggering these high energy states is exercise and movement.

I just come back from a light job with some stretches outdoor, fresh air for about an hour.

Something else is that the high doesn't seems to depend on other superfoods I used previously like maca, mesquite or gojis.

Something else which is essential is that whatever superfoods I added to my diet, fresh products still represent 95% of what I eat.

I had 4 bananas in 2 days, oranges, spinach, herbs, avocado, etc.

The superfoods I am adding don't replace the fresh fruits and vegetables I had before, they replace the flour I used  before.

I still used soaked nuts and seeds but in moderate amounts. Some oils too like olive oild and sesame seeds oils but again in moderate amounts.

So, I believe that I am experiencing a significant powerful breakthrough in the last few weeks!

This level of optimization with such easiness goes far beyond anything I experienced before!

Love it!

To be followed!

PS: more on this topic?

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