High energy levels - spirulina - superfoods - juicing - flour or no flour - what exactly creates that high? - NOTE

To get extra carbs, one of the things I have been using for a long time is flour.

Now, because of various influences, I decided to try flour free for a while and using all sorts of super food in powder instead.

It works great so far.

The volumes of food I eat are way less, and my energy level is pretty high.

So, it seems to be working.

I still face 2 challenges with that.

the first one is I am not sure if my muscle volume is not melting a bit... It's a slight possible impression I am not too sure off yet.

my guess is that probably not.

I do feel that I am overall eating higher quality nutrition with that food, so, overall, I take less volumes in because my body saturates with what I needs faster.

another challenge I am not sure off is my strength.

same story here... as I write these words, I realize it's probably not an issue.

superfoods, I used so far? maca, spirulina, goji berries, cacao, etc.

this strategy was combined with juicing.

together, my level of energy and body optimization felt really higher.

Here are some subtleties:

  • First, when I travel, for instance in the himalayas, I will probably still use flower because the superfoods might be more difficult to find.
  • Second, the US offers a wide variety of superfoods at a reasonable price.
  • Third, Europe doesn't offer the same affordability in superfoods and the price there could be higher. have to check that.
Overall though my body feels clearer and higher energy wise with these superfoods and juicing strategies than before, when I was having a higher flour intake.

So I like this new strategy. I feel it is sustainable, healthy and energizing. I love it! More!!!

When you enter in the fine tuning process, this type of choices can make a radical difference in the way your body and your energy level feel.

the way I test it is by going in and out of the strategy a few times. with flour, without, with, without. The experience of my energy level and the feeling I get from eating that way is the core indicator that tells me if the strategy is working or not.

Another indicator has to do with the feedback I get from people and what I read or hear.

For instance, many people don't like the idea of eating wheat because of the gluten.

So far it has been fine for me but this is why I want to test being wheat free for a while... To see if it actually makes a difference.

I want to test as well what exactly boosts my energy in that case...

Is it:

  • being wheat free / gluten free?
  • using spirulina and other superfoods?
  • juicing?
  • lower calorie intake?
  • Higher rest and less intense training?
  • temperature? It's getting colder outside which could boost my energy level, make me more energetically alert
Maybe it is a combination of all these factors or maybe one of these core factors is the EXACT strategy that creates the change.

This is what I need to find identify EXACTLY.

Why is it that important?

It is because the tactic needs to be precise and it must be right.

Assumptions are not enough.

I need clear facts and and clear tactics.

In that case I do have enough training in observing the way my body feels.

This means that slight changes in my diet impact on the way I feel in very precise ways.

That's what I am trying to measure using my internal feeling scale.

So, in the next few days or even weeks, I will get a stronger and clearer answer about the exact factor(s) that boost my energy level.

For the last few weeks, my internal vibration has been on a high.

I haven't trained intensely but I do feel bright and internally energized.

So, again, I need to identify exactly where this feeling comes from...

Here are again the possible factors I see:

  • spirulina
  • super foods
  • flour and gluten free
  • lower calorie intake
  • juicing
  • temperature
  • rest

If I want to be even more specific, I could as well rate each factor 0-100% - This number representing how much that specific factor influences my present energy level.

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