Raw food bliss? Creating connection with raw food? Here is how I think it works - NOTE

In the last 3 months, I had fantastic awakenings and realizations related with raw food!

It's all pretty logical but I never realized this before...

As I was staying with various people during my 3 months California 2011 trip and preparing raw food dishes together, doing green juices and other delicious dishes, I started feeling a space of bliss, love and joy opening up between these friends and me.

This was a gradual opening, not instant!

In one case it happened after 2 weeks of green juicing and other energy work together.

In another case it was after ecstatic dance sessions and preparing energy mixes, spirulina smoothies and more for 10 days...

What strikes me is the solidity and continuity of these experiences.

It is really like entering into a meditative or trance bliss state together and letting the energy space progressively expand as our vibration gets refined through raw eating.

I did experience this type of opening before in spiritual retreat situations.

It's the first time that I experience this multiple times with so much clarity related with eating raw.

I love it and I realize how powerful this is!

I realize that eating raw did have a synchronistic impact between us.

It's like tuning in our energies!

More to come! To be followed!

Bliss! Bliss! Bliss!

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