Siddhi = Power

Siddha is as well perfection or a perfected master!

Siddha yoga is the path of perfection!

I see a city as a temple!!!

I see it as a vortex of powerful energies and my job is to activate it!!!

It is to consciously connect with the spirit of the city and use this energy as an invocation!

My tools are mantras, calligraphy, dance, mudras, physical forms, asanas, breathing, active prayer, inner invocation, intentions, dedications, live foods, bathing, power building, sound, music and many more tools that I use in ritualistic ways.

I just realized that I have been perfecting these forms for many years now and just woke up to the realization that I use the city as a temple!!

I use it as a vortex and energy source that I activate in many specific ways.

A city is a center of civilized energy!!!

It contrasts with natural environments!

Nature is based on a specific set of elemental forces.

In nature, the energies at play are based on natural forms.

A city is different!

Natural forms are still present in isolated clusters like trees, animals, humans, parks or rivers and are now in synergy with human creations like buildings, streets, art forms, culture, technology!

I see every city as a god or goddess!!

It is a conscious, active and intelligent spirit!

By being in a city you are in a unified field of consciousness which is the sum of everything going on in it.

It's way more than the sum of all human activity!

I believe that a city is an energetic space, a conscious intelligence that evolves in its own way and each action that takes place in it is sponsored by this invisible field!

This is not some theory that I want to scientifically prove! It is a mystical experience! It is something I feel in the depth of my being!

I actively communicate with that spirit or energy vortex and establish a harmonious, conscious and empowering connection with this intelligent reality!

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