COLD SHOWERS - If you have PTSD, even from childhood abuse, generally how long before you notice clear release of these trapped emotions (say, 2 weeks, or...)? - TIP

How long to release? It's more like 3 months to clear that kind of strong pattern - But It's an ongoing thing, most of the times, I don't have anything to clear but I still take cold showers because it's fun and builds up energy - I still release every day the things that accumulate naturally. Another point is that I use a combination of techniques - cold showers, raw food diet, mind techniques, power building techniques, mantras, physical exercise, sex, etc. Start with cold showers, get used to it until it's solidly established as a natural practice (a month or so) and if you feel that's not enough for clearing your trauma, ad more practices. Being in a clear energy space is like a muscle you train - it's an energy space you get in and build up using a variety of techniques.

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