Here are the groups of recipes I have so far:
  • Salads
  • Smoothies
  • Green smoothies
  • Green juices (based on greens)
  • Red juices (based on carrots, etc)
  • Green energy drinks - Blended (herbs, ginger, lemon, spinach, spirulina, maca, etc)
  • Raw fruit pies
  • Energy mixes - nuts, seeds and dried fruits
  • Energy mixes - vegetables, ginger, lemon, salad booster mix
  • Vegetable creams/paste - avocado, spinach, carrots, oils, salt, salad booster, lemon juice, ginger, soaked nuts and seeds, active chia seeds, etc - can ad some flour for extra carbs
  • Fruit couli - strawberries, blueberries or other fruits in food processor to create a juicy desert - dried fruits and nuts or seeds can be added - active chia seeds can be added too
  • Super food iced fruit - take some frozen berries, mixed with banana, raw cacao beans or powder, dried fruit, spirulina/maca/etc mix, coconut oil, etc - tastes like delicious creamy ice cream - guilt free!!! super energizing and healthy!!
  • Chocolates - raw cacao, spirulina, coco butter, raising, gojis, maca, ginseng, guarana, etc - use food processor to mix in a fine paste - cool down in fridge
On the go, powders and mixes to take when you travel
  • Green energy drinks - mix of super foods powder added to water
  • Salad booster - mix of herbs, spirulina, salt, etc (have to look for the exact composition) - to ad to salads for extra substance, taste and energy! Powerful!
  • Dry mix with extra flour and all superfoods you can find, dried fruits, nuts and seeds, salt, spirulina, etc take 5-10 table spoons - mix with some water, fruit juice, dressing or other liquids

That's 14 groups of dishes so far!

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