The last few months have been filled with important break throughs.

The first point is that my energy is now sustained consistently on a high.

I use less fruits and more greens like herbs in the form of green energy drinks (ginger, lemon, coriander, parsley, mint, etc, spinach, and other greens + spirulina and other superfoods I might have like maca, ginkgo  ginseng, guarana)

I usually spend the first few hours of my day drinking just that which is a massive booster.

Overall, I feel like I am eating way smaller volumes of food than 2 years ago for instance.

I don't have a rational measure of that, it's just an impression when I see what I buy and consume overall.

I have less flour, more nuts, more raisins as well.

I feel that this overall energetic shift is due to 3 factors and again these are feelings and impressions.

First factor --> 1 year of detox energy drinks now have cleared my digestive track and my body makes way better use of what I eat.

I don't enter in digestive mode any more (no energy drop) because the volumes of food I consume are way higher in nutritional value + the quantities are way smaller.

Second factor --> Use of aromatic herbs - I feel that these are having a massive energetic impact, cleaning, harmonizing, energizing my whole being (Coriander, parsley, mint, etc) - I have some every day in my green energy drink.

Third factor --> Spirulina - I probably had 3 kilos of spirulina in the last 9 months - that's about 500 grams of spirulina / month (around 20 grams/day) - This means that I use it a lot - every time I make a 1 liter energy drink, I ad 2 big table spoons of spirulina to it, I used maca as well but in smaller quantities prob 1/4 compared to spirulina - I started using other natural supplements (ginseng, guarana, etc) in powder form that I ad to these energy drinks.

So, this is it! I have been a lot on trips, trekking or travelling and I always took off with a bag of powder to add to my water + some ginger + getting fresh fruits and vegetables when I get somewhere.

The result I feel inside is stunning!

I feel really high and energized all the time + my weight has been optimized (around 2 kilos / 4 pounds lighter than I was before)

I have been training consistently prob 1 hour/day average + days or weeks of trekking, days of adventure, swimming, biking or jogging but without really pushing. 30 min yoga and energy techniques on average in the morning. With the morning energy, biking and trekking I might actually have the equivalent of 90 min/day on average.

The result is that I feel I am hitting 95% optimization in my body.

I did hit these feelings 2 years ago when I was doing intensity training for a month. that was 3-4 hours of daily training.

This was high discipline and consistency.

Today something different is happening: it is easily sustainable with only 10% discipline and 90% fun and flow.

What I mean is that it flows easily.

Moving my body and doing energy techniques in the morning is easy and flowing naturally.

No major push or effort.

Same with diet.

My taste buds adapted to new tastes connected with spirulina, herbs and green energy drinks.

The way I see it? A huge breakthrough in the these last few months!

I feel blissed out and totally inspired to explore all this further

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