Hi everyone!

Whaou! What a ride this year so far! It has been crazy with encounters and wild adventures!!

If you didn't see them, go and check the dozens of videos I posted on this last 8 months of adventures:


I'll be teaching daily workshops:

VITAL FORCE every afternoon

VITAL SEX every evening

Exciting topics, right! If you or your friends are at Burning Man this year, I warmly invite you to make it!

I won't say much about the content! Will be a surprise!

It's always fantastic to explore some of the deep mysteries of our human wild nature!

A lot of untapped energies in these spheres!

After Burning Man, I am off to Bhakti Fest and Hawaii after that for 2 months.

If you or one of your friends lives in Hawaii, especially Maui or Big Island, get in touch! If you host me for a few days, you get my unlimited coaching for free + will be fun to meet!

If you're a coaching client, no worries - You know I keep coaching while I travel - I am here for you.

I love you!

See you soon!

Shiva Rajaya

(That's my spiritual name. I have been using it more lately! Hope you like it )

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