Job Interviews

Be likeable! - TIP

Be confident, not arrogant! - TIP

Show up on time! - TIP

Calm down! - Relax! - TIP

Prepare for the interview! - TIP

Research the company! - TIP

Get rid of any insecurity! - TIP

Listen! - TIP

Respond to their needs! - TIP

Be interested! - TIP

Follow up after the interview - TIP

Highlight your positives - TIP

Don't focus on negatives! - TIP

Be clear and concise - TIP

Show yourself as a team player rather than an individualist - TIP

Be agreeable! - TIP

Refresh your Skills + Knowledge - TIP

Don't criticize past bosses, companies or colleagues - TIP

Be positive! - TIP

Match their energy level! - TIP

One interview - Various agendas - TIP

What turns off employers - TIP

How to prepare before the interview - TIP

Top interview mistakes - TIP

How to behave in the interview itself - TIP

Questions to ask your self before the interview - TIP

Deal with stress and overwhelm when you work in an organization

How to function efficiently in a team - 8 min - MP3

I don't get any validation for the work I do - 7 min - MP3

Best ways to say no - 14 min - MP3

Don't take responsibility for other people's actions - 7 min - MP3

Enjoy what you can't change - 4 min - MP3

Go with the organization's flow - 7 min - MP3

How to cope with a bullying manager - 22 min - MP3

How to create synergy with your boss - 11 min - MP3

How to deal with a draining colleague - 6 min - MP3

How to deal with office politics - 14 min - MP3

How to deal with professional stress - 17 min - MP3

How to educate your boss - 10 min - MP3

How to give feed back 12 min - MP3

How to strengthen professional boundaries - 7 min - MP3

Never criticize in public - 8 min - MP3

New job and totally overwhelmed - 15 min - MP3

Protect yourself - 14 min - MP3

Sources of professional stress - 9 min - MP3

Stick to what you are paid for - 4 min - MP3

What is burn out? - 12 min - MP3

What is professional stress? - 5 min - MP3

Who is the enemy? 13 min - MP3


Key strategies to get your power back BEFORE you burn out - ARTICLE

Key strategies to limit professional stress - ARTICLE

How to say "No" - ARTICLE

Never take work home - ARTICLE

Protect your week ends! - ARTICLE

Leave early! - ARTICLE

Once at home, don't talk about work! - ARTICLE

Don't take responsibility for other people's actions - ARTICLE

Stick to what you are paid for - ARTICLE

Aim for good not perfect! - ARTICLE

To quit or not to quit - ARTICLE

How to deal with a toxic boss - ARTICLE

Unrealistic expectations - ARTICLE

The real battle - ARTICLE

Shift priorities! - ARTICLE

Take care of yourself - ARTICLE

Should you take anti depressants? - ARTICLE

What are your key sources of stress? - ARTICLE

Does it work to simply quit? - TIP

Should you take anti depressants? (2) - TIP

Key strategies to limit professional stress - TIP

How to say "No" (2) - TIP

Anti depressants - How they work - The serotonin surprise - TIP

Sugar Pills Work as Well As Antidepressants - TIP


Stay or quit? - ARTICLE

It can easily take 1 to 5 years to shift careers - ARTICLE

Why unconventional career choices can lead you to professional success - ARTICLE

Professional success - ARTICLE

Change job - ARTICLE

Find a new career - ARTICLE

I am facing difficulties with my profession - ARTICLE

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