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Derren Brown - "Paying with Paper"

What NLP can be used for + Ethical ideas - IDEA

Positive speech! - TECHNIQUE - TIP

Make it yours! - TIP

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Eye Patterns - NLP - TECHNIQUES

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Parts integration

Ecology and congruency

Six step reframe

Techniques - Anchoring

Milton Model

Persuasion uses of NLP

Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) - Main page

Meta model

NLP has been described by its creators as "the study of the structure of subjective experience"

Behind every behavior is a positive intention

The map is not the territory

Principles of NLP

If something can be done effectively and ecologically in ten minutes, don't spend an hour doing it

Conscious understanding is not always needed

Good NLP is 90% information gathering and testing, and 10% change work

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