new design results

It's not a huge change but the bounce rate overall on the site went from around 70% to 60% - I do believe that this could be an impact from the design and cleaning up the site.

I do see how I react to old designs and I tend to run away from these sites as the visual experience is not too good.

It tells a lot about the site and the quality of the content. Even if the content is interesting, the value of the experience will usually be lower because of the poor visual experience.

I feel that's how my visitors might have perceived my site especially over the last couple years.

Another indication is the average visit duration which went from 70 sec to around 90 sec.

I know, not a huge deal but clear enough to tell something about the visitors experience.

pages/visit 1.7 --> 2.25

same idea

unique visitors went down but it's related to cleaning up the site and removing old pages which means slightly less visits

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