what I an about to share here is an exploration, a set of insights that started emerging right now. As a coach I enjoy testing and exploring everything that comes my way... Nothing in what I write is crystallized or tested in any way. It is simply a story that started emerging and I simply decided to write it down


the first thing that comes up is looking at it, looking at images and seeing the beauty, the esthetic quality of these images.

instead of running away from it, accept the state, the vision of what it is.

this seems to be the natural first step.

this by itself seems to have a beautifully healing impact.


The second element seems to be to accept that stat rather than trying to run away from it.

Medication for instance is aimed at trying to suppress the symptoms to shift the mood back to what is considered normal.

Instead of trying to shift the mood or suppress the symptoms, the natural direction seems to accept that state as normal, nothing to be ashamed of, nothing unusual.

After watching the pics, that's stage 2.


Stage 3 is enjoying that space, enjoying the beauty of these emotions, observing them, daring to express them, writing them down, sharing them, not as something that is bad or ugly but as something that is as beautiful as anything else in life.

by doing that, you learn to own that space rather than rejecting it.

there is no sickness, no disorder, simply a state of being that is as valid as any other state of being.

OWNING IT! That's stage 3


there are many things that you can do from that state.

things that you can't do when you are just in a state of joy and happiness.

what is that?

be dark, intense, observe, self absorbed.

how can you use that state?

just be in it and do whatever feels good to you.

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