In the last year, something really powerful started happening to me.

The feeling of clarification in my body has been multiplied.

Feeling of physical lightness is now with me all the time.

One of the core nutrition strategies I started implementing is morning green drink made of blended lemon, ginger, fresh herbs and apple as basic recipe.

Depending on the situation and ingredients available, I have been often chewing directly on fresh herbs or biting in a pealed lemon.

I might have as well a couple of bananas or even only fruit if that's all I have available.

What's essential is that I have been drinking lots of liquids in the morning, around 1 to 2 liters.

I feel that these green drinks have been deeply detoxifying my digestive track and clearing my body from toxins.

This is a feeling, not a scientific fact. I simply noticed a newly multiplied clarity and attribute this to the clearing of my body from toxins on a very deep level.

I feel as well that my digestive processes are clear and optimized.

What's impressive is the fact that I am not overtraining. I kept the same training routine over the last couple years. light yoga in the morning about 30 min, 5 min energy breaks 2 to 3 times / day + 1 hour training / day in the evening.

The week end comes and I still train a bit but in a very relaxed way, no limits pushing.

The increased lightness in my body and mind feels like a shift or a threshold attained in my body over the last year.

In the last few months, I started testing a new strategy: lowering my calorie intake, smaller and lighter meals, only fruit for hours, etc.

This triggers even further clarity!

I call this strategy "light fasting".

I feel that my body needs less food to sustain itself.

This makes total sense of course if my digestive track is clear and my body is toxin free.

This means that the digestion of food is optimized and way more of the nutritious value of what I eat is digested and benefits my body.

Something else that started emerging is that junk food like cookies or carbs like pasta or rice are no longer even seen as food.

My taste buds and emotional associations have deeply shifted and when I see a type of food, feelings and impressions associated with eating that type of food rise in my mind.

I feel live foods like salads and fresh fruit totally appealing.

This lightness and freshness attained through light fasting is incredible and similar to the juiciest mystical experiences I have through meditation and energy techniques.

As I move forward I developed new techniques to discipline my mind and body even further so that I can dive deeper in these light fasting strategies.

My goal is to create a light fasting system that really works for me while optimizing my body and mind.

I keep training and actively creating!

I am not retreating in some energetic limbo, on the contrary.

If I notice a drop in my body's optimization or energy level, I do something about it straight away by tapping in the core ingredients I have available.

I look forward to tap even deeper in these essential energy strategies!

It is a powerful and life transforming ride!

I love every bit of it!

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