I want to take cold showers but my whole being is resisting them - What can I do? -TIP

I hear you!

Cold water is life force hitting you and this impact is uncomfortable. It destroys disturbances, fears, traumas in your energy body.

This is why you resist it. Because part of you is holding to old patterns because these patterns are your comfort zone.

In other words, you resist change.

If going straight from cold to warm or the other way round is challenging, do it progressively.

Start with a warmth that is comfortable and start adding cold until you hit this point of slight discomfort.

Stay there for a few seconds and go back to warmer.

Play with this exact point and stretch that point every day. Go a little further every day.

This means that you ad more cold as days pass by.

Another way to do it is to project cold water only on some parts of the body like arms, legs or neck, get used to it and progressively put more of the body under the cold stream.

If only your arms can take it, that's ok.

If it's only your feet, that's ok too!

Simply keep stretching this comfort limit a tiny bit further every day.

No objection! Just do it!

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