3 physical locations

attract location
comfort building location
seduction location

3 ways of jumping from one physical location to the next

beginning - middle - ending of attract

beginning - middle - ending of comfort

beginning - middle - ending of seduction

and the 3 jumps between these locations to get from physical location to physical location

all of that is the mystery method


first jump is a move

some attraction locations are comfort locations

moves and other 2 jumps are optional - you don't have to go through them

you can move from attraction location to comfort location then you can time bridge to see her another time and the other location could be I'll drop by and pick you up

a bounce is the third jump

so you have

time bridge

bounce is an instant date

multiple venue loop

I would rather jump from loaction to location because every time we jump location and she is safe, that builds trust and comfort.

that's a rapport accelerator

time bridge is a dating loop

it takes 7 hours on average to got from attraction to seduction where she is ready to have sex


3 main areas to this game

PICK UP - first area is called pick up (attraction are and moving her to comfort building location)

MID GAME - then mid game - that's the comfort area - you will do as many dating loops as they are needed to accumulate the comfort time - or you will do as many bounces as necessary

END GAME - that's the seduction zone and moving her into sex

You could be a great pick up artist and be lousy at mid game and if you are lousy at mid game, you won't get laid.

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