key attraction switches

1. Willingness to emote, and to do so appropriately. A man’s emotional
circuitry needs to fire appropriately, as in not getting angry over trivial
things, and as in defending her when she is attacked. A PUA should be
passionate about certain things, and should demonstrate it in his speech.
2. Protector of loved ones, such as good friends, animals, kids and
3. Pre-selection. If you have value for other women, you have value for the
target. Make the target see or know that you have many women in your life.
Saying it is not enough; there should be evidence of it that makes her feel a
pang of jealousy: a text message on your phone, pics on your phone of you
with girls, a blond hair on your coat or in your car, and a solitary bottle of
nail polish on your bathroom shelf mixed in with your stuff. If you want to be
even sneakier, make the nail polish 'disappear' before her next visit to your
place; it'll look like whoever owned it had come by to reclaim it. Be
prepared to give a reason why it's not there anymore! Put an opened pack
of sanitary napkins under your bathroom sink. Jealousy plotline is a
variation of pre-selection. Willingness to walk away is a subset of preselection; a roll-off is an example of this.
4. Leader of men. Can be something simple like running a meeting.
5. Risk taking. Not just does risky things, but has the daring to pull off

According to David DeAngelo, the features that attract women are:
1. Means (material items/wealth)
2. Power
3. Fame
4. Looks and height
5. Exclusivity (off limits such as married, hard to acquire such as royalty)

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