In some aspects of your GALACTIVATION or INTEGRATION OF YOUR STAR BODY, your physical body goes through ENERGETIC EXTRACTION STAGES where the negative patterns that might still be anchored in your being are removed.

It is CLEARING PROCESS, PURIFICATION, ENERGETIC DETOXIFICATION, removing of patterns that are not aligned with the galactic grid and so on.

This detoxification process happens to an extent that the body can take.

This is why you go through all this preparation stages with yoga, meditation, body and mind optimization.

All the personal development approaches and most aspects of spiritual traditions are preparations for these new emerging life stages.

When the time is right, even if you prepared yourself for years, you body and mind might still undergo EMOTIONAL OR PHYSICAL RELEASES that express themselves in the form of negative emotions or physical discomfort, even feel sick or dizzy.

This is DETOXIFICATION and is related with positive changes your body and mind are going through.

Once these original stages are completed, then you go through NAKSHATRA INTEGRATION PHASES, which is the integration of the star body aspects you just received.

During this INTEGRATION PHASE you learn to use your new consciousness tools.

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