So, here are my views on this!

Take it lightly!

I love playing with these ideas and having fun with them!

This is an invocation to call Kali!

There are two options when you make a spelling "mistake" according to the rules of grammar.

It's either the spirit goes: "Sorry, spelling mistake, I don't know what you mean"

Or the spirit goes: "I don't care how you spell my name, I know what you mean and your intention is clear! Here is my energetic response to you..."

For shiva for instance, you can spell it as Shiva or as Siva, right?

In my experience, the energy responds the same no matter how you spell it because the intention is clear.

God, doesn't come to you and say "sorry, you made a spelling mistake in my name... I won't answer to you"

If you make a "wrong" note while you sing or take a yoga pose and that pose is not correct according to a certain teacher, is the pose invalid or does it work anyway.

Lots of people don't sing because they are afraid of making a wrong note which is crazy, right?

The ones that care about these details are humans and traditions.

I feel that somehow the spirit is beyond that.

I am in a space of freedom and when i write, it is to call the invisible!

The invisible seems to respond no matter what.

It seems to work for me.

I am playing with these ideas and I don't mind if you disagree.

It's all for fun and all a game anyway.

I love it when you do push ups and someone comes to you and says:

"You are doing your push ups wrong!"

I go like:

"what do you mean? my muscles are not working right now?"

According to what standards???

Who designed those rules?

Who do you think designed the spelling of kali with short or long vowels?

Is it fixed and crystallized as a human rule or do traditions evolve?

Who gets them to evolve?

Is it people like you and I who simply reinvent life every day?

When is your mind freer?

When you are following a recipe by the book or trying to stick to the rules given to you?


I love challenging you a bit on that one!

I am a fool!

And love being a fool!

Just some thoughts...

Adopt, delete, modify, do what you want!

I love you very much!

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