The most common way to be sexually activated is simply to have sex!

But there are many ways to access sexual energy inside of you!

Some of them don't even involve physical touch!

Some other techniques might even be totally remote, this means that the person who activates you is on the other side of the planet and there is no physical or virtual interaction with them.

How does it work?

Isn't that magical?

It is like having this whole set of potentials and resources inside of us that get triggered when our sexual energy is free!

Sexual activation are techniques, approaches and mind sets that tap in this potential and allow us to unleash our whole sexual power and sexual freedom!

This means that all the blockages, traumas or negative associations you can have with sex are wiped out and replaced by a clear energetic space!

Sexual activation is the mastery of your sexual energy

you can tap into it with body work, breathing techniques, sound work, mantras, and much more!

You can trigger a whole flow of orgasmic energy by dancing with your fantasies or by being in a context which is already sexually activated.

The possibilities are infinite!

Let's check them out!

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