Why it happens organically is not so much the question

the question is more how to relate to it.

the best strategy is ejaculation mastery!

in other terms not to lose semen!

that works pretty well for me!

but there is a question for women!!!

do they get that effect too?

obviously they do!

If you are a woman, your level of sexual arousal is much lower after you orgasm.

at least that's my experience with my lovers and a general impression.

so how does it work energetically with the instincts

why did nature design it that way.

the answer again is quite simple.

the urge for procreation.

arousal is a concentration of energy.

the urge to experience orgasm creates the urge for intercourse.

once orgasm has passed, it is natural for the body to go back to its original state but exactly in the same way as you rest after a jog, the body feels like resting after an orgasm.


because an orgasm is an energetic workout!

This means that it brings energy through the system and this fresh flow of energy releases toxins throughout the body, creates a whole flow of biochemical reactions throughout the body!

once this release of hormones happen the body goes into energetic integration of this.

If you go to a yoga class, you go to shavasana at the end right?

you go to a period of rest which is natural.

this is why this after sex effect period exists.

what is highly underestimated is that this after sex effect can actually last much longer than people think.

it's probably not just a few hours or even a few days

it could be up to 21 days!

the refractory period is not just the time it takes before you can have sex again.

that's the superficial or visible after sex effect.

most men will be able to have se again the same night if stimulated

but the energetic impact could effectively take much longer.

In my experience, I can feel the impact of ejaculation for at least a week.

I feel that probably 70% of my stamina is back within 3 days and 90% within 7 days.

It could totally be that my full energy potential is back within 3 weeks

that doesn't mean that I can't have sex the same night.

I am talking about an overall energy and plenitude feeling.

the numbers I give you above are related with my energy level that I feel reflect my etheric body or biofield.

But I feel as well something deeper than that which is my connection with my spirit, the inspired flow of my creative power, the synchronicities and all these other sensations and experiences related with my relationship to the spirit.

This is probably where the deepest energy drop is felt.

It is as if the energy, the bridge connecting with the spirit is temporarily weakened and the full magic and mystical bliss are not expressed in their full potential.

on the other hand, if semen is preserved and sexual activation is practiced over some days, the link to the spirit is massively activated and my whole being enters into a profound state of trance and bliss!

so, as a conclusion, sexual energy has the power to take you all the way to a total state of yoga, unity, mystical union, the divine or take you as well down to depths of low energy.

It is possible to regulate and plan this after sex effect.

I remember for instance the last times I consciously ejaculated years ago to stay on a high spiritually for a few days and feeling a depletion only after 3 days.

the after sex effect still came but was delayed by my intention to stay high.

I was playing with it, trying to modulate the after sex impact and it worked to a certain extent.

Another practice that works for me as well is to engage in intense physical activity to bring energy back in the body straight after ejaculating.

I don't let the body fall into the after sex effect by activating my body intensely, taking a cold shower or jumping in the waves.

I use my KALI POWER to shift gears and destroy altogether this after sex effect.

I must say that it's way easier to simply not lose semen rather than engaging in an energetic battle after ejaculating.


After doing some research on hormones, I can see now that the reason why I engaged in high energy activities right after ejaculating was to trigger a whole new flow of ADRENALINA or maybe TESTOSTERONA to neutralize the after sex effect.

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