I am ready for big cosmic adventures!! A whole new set of lines and techniques are emerging in my life and I am optimizing nd testing all that right now, I call these ones galactivation and has to do with the activation of your star body - I am as well discovering and the depth and magic of sexual energy - starting to play with what I call Kama Daya which can be translated as sexual activation - I am now putting sexual energy at the very center of yoga development rather than something that happens in the periphery - Was teaching some of that at burning man and I feel so much more emerging! I can see these huge fields of untapped potential in humankind! speed! big things are about to happen.

Next few months will see the emergence of a whole new set of tools that I am learning to perfect right now.

It's fun, focused, powerful! I play with is through body activation consciously using sexual energy in dearmoring techniques, activation of the secondary sexual system in the body - Exploring mainly how women respond to it at this stage and starting to engage as well with male bodies - It's all about multiplying the inner space and freedom.

About Shiva Rajaya

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