Men are beautiful, sensitive, vulnerable, powerful!

When I lead men's groups and women are not around I see them falling into each other's arms, crying, healing, supporting each other in the most beautiful ways!

Frequently have incredible sensual exchanges with men, like doing contact dance at sunset, feeling each other's sensual naked skin!

I was leading groups of men just a month ago at burning men, activating erotic trances, and warrior power!

I have attended self pleasure rituals while we look deep in each other's eyes as we own our pleasure!

With many of my male friends, we are very physical, hug each other all the time, take care of each other.

I just spent the last month with this beautiful cosmic soul brother, making fresh green juices for each other every morning and saying things like

"I honor every part of your being as I give you this magical drink of life! I am in joy of being in your presence! Every second spent with you is a gift! I thank the invisible forces that did bring us to meet..."

You get the picture, right?

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