Ohhhh! Goddess! Realizing how the flow magically connects us

Ohhhh! Goddess! Realizing how the flow magically connects us - I am so deeply in love with the spirit of life, the flow that brings us to fall in each other's arms, abandoning separation and merging in this unified force! Life! I love you! I honor all this juice that you bring into my life! This perfection! This instant fills me so deeply with trust in the essence of humankind! I want us to transform, morph together as these galactic beings that we are! I touch your third eye with the wand of fire! May you wake up to your vibrant, delicious nature! I love you! - Yes! So grateful! I want to move, shake breathe and connect! Vibrant being! May your dreams be fired up, the trance of delight take you in this whirling dance! Passion is in your veins! I honor every aspect of your being!

About Shiva Rajaya

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