Here is the link to the event

I will be landing in London soon!

This is activation time and will be offering sessions, free flow, activating your life and the city in whatever way I can!

Right now, I am on fire, ready to play, engage and connect!

It feels like a very specific spirit is sponsoring this time and I am engaging in this adventure in superconductive mode! I will take risks, stretch myself, invite you in this space!

Time has come to free ourselves from any limitation, expand our beings to our true nature!

I want us to engage, dissolve resistances, play on a wide scale of all unlimited skills we have!

I will probably be navigating between London, Brighton, maybe Bristol, Canterbury, Oxford - None of this is fixed and I don't have a fixed venue for the event but I know already that wild magical things will happen while I am there!

I will be launching events as opportunities show up.

The vision is definitely cosmic, galactic, manifesting new vibrations and energies in the core of the old frames to renew the mind and activate the spirit!

I commit myself to use all the power and all the tools I have to help you raise to your unlimited potential.

Open your doors to this energy, rise to the challenge, use me, connect with me, play, show up! - I want you in my life!

I want to meet you!

I want to cover you with love and beauty.

I want to invoke the invisible to guide you and activate you.

Spirits! Forces of the invisible! Galactic princes who watch over us! Galactic grid!

This is an invitation for you!

I open the space of my life in deep absolute total service!

Guide us! Help us! Take us to where we must be!


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