You don't need anyone's permission to create and you don't need to fit in!

From now on you are free from any fear of being judged and life force is here to feed your creative flow!

A simple step into the imaginary unknown is the instant revelation of dream worlds that are vibrant and alive!

You trust your imagination and let your hands, your voice, your unique expression be guided by the subtle wind of the invisible!

You are an agent of pure revelation and through you the spirit speaks!

It tells you about worlds unknown and visions of bliss and gives you permission to be this messenger!

You are awake, vibrant!

You are in the flow!

About Shiva Rajaya

You are the master of your life! Your destiny is in your hands! You have the power to create! Want my help with unleashing your full manifesting power and optimizing your life? I will help you tune into your highest frequency and give you tools to access your untapped potentials - Start here START HERE! GET YOUR POWER KICK SKYPE COACHING SESSION WITH ME!