The energies created through vital sex and vital tantra are free!

Imagine this wild fire streaming through you, creating space and freedom!

When this energy hits existing frames it can create tension!

These frames are what sustains your life and society.

They can be your beliefs, your administrative body, the organizations you belong to, a company you work for, a community you are part of and so on.

When you invoke fresh tantric fire, these forces can clash with the existing frames.

Our job is not to destroy all frames!

It is to adapt, positively influence, modify when needed so that the frames we live in keep evolving!

There will be a time in the future, hundreds or thousands of years from now when we will evolve into energy structures!

This means that most of the guiding systems we use today like laws and organizations might be replaced by invisible or energetic frames that gently and organically direct our lives.

For the time being, the individual can adapt and evolve very fast.

But the frames in which we live can often take some time to shift to new evolutionary models.

A lot of what we do in society doesn't make sense from a cosmic evolutionary perspective!

Humankind is still playing in the sandbox in so many ways!

You can notice that in abusive or oppressive patterns in society for instance.

This means that a lot of what we do as a human race is still driven by animal, instinctual behaviors.

So back to integration.

To live in harmony as a human race and simply to live on this planet, we still need manifested frames and structures!

Those are the crystallized patterns that sustain human life and civilizations.

If you feel that the patterns you live in are not adapted to your new life vision or the full dimension of our human potential, you need to help frames EVOLVE in the right direction!

Simply entering in conflict is often not the best solution!

You might experience an inner tension between your newly gained freeing power and the structures you see in and around you.

It is like being pulled between the past and the future!

This creates a sense of urgency, acceleration and change!

Even if you feel that the world you live in doesn't seem to adapt fast enough, it is essential to be able to function in that world!

Discover how to navigate and play with what is offered to you!

Be smart, flexible and see this world as a playground aimed at training you!

Who is more evolved?

The TANTRIKA who has no idea how to function in today's world? 

Or the one who manages to successfully function and play whatever the  circumstances are?


Which one of those two has the best skills and the greater survival abilities?

The one who resents or the one who adapts, plays and influences positively? 

If you spend your time resenting and wishing for circumstances to be different, does that make you happy?

Does that make you powerful?

What is the absolute smarter way to go?

What's the attitude that helps humankind the most?

What's your role in planetary evolution?

What if instead of resenting, you have fun, feel energized and super activated no matter what environment you are in!


See where this is going?

That's what I call smart integration of your tantra body!

Have fun!!!

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