This is one of the core targets of VITAL SEX.

It is to have a clear transition pathway to go from friction sex to energy sex.

Other previous targets we checked before are about harmonization and removing the disturbances in sexual energy, both in individuals and as a human race.

And this latest target that I just realized means having a complete pathway that allows you to take your sexual practices and habits to a whole new level of energy, presence and pleasure.

It is definitely another type of pleasure!

Energy based rather than physical based!

The impact is subtler.

99% of people function on a level of energy sex which is in the 0-20% energy sex range.

This means that most sex is friction based for 99% of people.

In a few isolated cases, people will explore other options and tap in the energetic sexual body which has nothing to do with the erogenous zones or the genitals.

On the long term as a human race we are moving from friction based sex to energy based sex.

Which means that our sexual expression will no longer be based on the traditional sexual forms and expressions.

Energy orgasms become common, no ejaculation, enter into mystical states of bliss using sexual energy, spontaneous sexual activations not necessarily in your couple or relationship, a lot of spontaneous overflow of bliss and the optimization of the energy body linked with the free flow of sexual energy in your system.

That' where we are aiming for.

All you need to activate all that is a system of techniques or approaches that progressively replace the ancient sex forms and brings a fresh flow of life to your sexual energy.

In other terms, what is missing is a sustainable, easy to access pathway that takes you from friction sex to energy sex. 

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