When you connect with someone, you will often engage in shadow tests without evn knowing it.

These are deeply embedded instinctual responses that are aimed at establishing your position in the tribe.

Think of a tribe of monkeys trying to define its hierarchy.

They will challenge each other constantly until the alpha male wins.

Then, a whole hierarchy of behaviors is naturally established and this gives an invisible social structure to this tribe.

It will define who eats first, who gets the females, who is submissive to who, etc.

Human dynamics?

Pretty much the same!

Simply more subtle.

When a woman dates a man, she will check him out, estimate his social statues, define if he is a leader or follower, if he is going to be submissive to her or stand strong etc.

The reason women do that is to test a man's power!

Instinctively, she looks for a strong man with presence to make sure that she will be protected.

If 100 men have the same overall qualities of looks, humor, presence, etc, the higher his social status and power, usually the higher the attraction.

You are confronted with tests like these all the time.

Check them out!

Stay awake!

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