I already covered the FIGHTGASM idea in another post.

Here is another example:

Food deprivation, withdrawal of love or sex can lead to states of high.

Imagine that a lover deprives you from sex.

You accept it or react.

If you internalize the energy of anger or frustration, it can create a massive energy boost.

This energy trance that feels like an orgasmic energy state.

How does it work?

Love deprivation creates an inner conflict, activates frustration that can manifest as new flow of energy.

Your spirit uses deprivation to bombard you with orgasmic grace!

Grace is this energy bliss state.

Grace can as well be totally explosive, exhilarating or euphoric!

When you hit that experience, your perception of life radically changes.

Your perception of what is good or bad totally shifts because you access bliss through pain.

Deprivation can create a massive influx of explosive energy!

A suffering trigger suddenly becomes a path to exhilarating trance.


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