Imagine that an archangelic field like Metatrona is a consciousness incarnating itself through thousands of synchronized human beings.

Imagine that these human beings are permeated by various consciousness fields.

This means that your vibration or consciousness can manifest various archangelic realities.

On an energy level you are like receiving stations that can tune into multiple realities even at the same time.

What you perceive on the surface of your mind in the form of thoughts feelings or emotions is only a tiny little fraction of what goes on in you!

Most of your inner processes never reach the screen of your awareness!

They are ongoing dynamic energy and physical activities that represent 99% of what goes on in you.

The visible part or what you consciously perceive is really a minute fraction of who you are.

If you take a big space, you would see the millions of radio, energy waves, flow of particles and more permeating it at all times and you would be blown away, right?

It would be too much information to process!

On your consciousness level the same is true!

If you were consciously exposed to absolutely everything that goes on in you at any given time, it would be way more than what you can take.

This is why your consciousness is simple with one given set of mind objects and actions at a time.

Even being able to coordinate feet and hands in dance moves can be already too complex.

Your consciousness is super complex and the energy realities you access are these vast fields of multidimensional manifesting sources.

You can see a field like Metatrona as a reality, intelligence or vehicle you can tune into.

The more you align yourself with or invoke that reality in your life, the more it incarnates itself through you!

Now, imagine that as human beings you are part of this reality with thousands of other manifestation rays that are aligned with this specific intelligence.

Now imagine some of these rays/humans turn against each other, compete or fight.

For the archangelic field it is like having the fingers from the same hand trying to win over each other rather than collaborating.

As you receive power, you must master its use and direct it in ways that are synergized with other beings aligned with the same plan.

Attacks on other beings from the same reality can be criticism, verbal attacks, conflicts, physical attacks, etc.

When that happens, Metatrona power withdraws partially until these different rays of expression in the form of human beings create synergy rather than conflict.

You can extend the same idea on a planetary level for the totality of humankind.

Conflicts hold us back as a human race!

It is essential to create synergy and create collaborative intentions rather than conflicting ones!

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