Spending with grace is an essential aspect of money mastery.

If you check inside, what is your mind set when spending cash?

How do you feel?

What are your emotions when you are in any form of transaction?

Do you feel stress, resentment, gratitude?

Are your emotions positive, harmonious or are they disturbing and draining?

What is your energetic connection with those selling to you?

How do you behave?

What do you say?

Are you aggressive or polite?

Do you enjoy buying?

Do you get stacked in the choice making zone?

Do you make buying decisions easily?

How does the whole experience feel to you?

How well do you perform overall when buying something?

Do you trust the process?


So many questions you can ask yourself.

The reason I ask them is because buying anything, making choices, spending might be a stressful experience.

If it is, you can bring ease, flow, fun, trust, excitement and presence to the buying process.

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