There is a small risk to over mentalize everything when you are in conscious sex exploration.

This means that you will talk or process way too much.

You are about to play and instead of engaging, you start a conversation.

This becomes a mental conceptual exercise rather than sexual activation.

Deep sexual sharing and dialogue is essential of course.

But when you are in the middle of wild sex action, now might be the time to get out of your head and into your body.

If your lover gives you signals that they are tired of all the talking, shift to more nurturing and action approaches like soft massage, caring or play.

No need to be serious all the time.

Sometimes for both men and women, the mental conversation space is safe.

That's simply because rationalizing puts a distance between you and the experience.

If you are looking at the waves and analyzing how you will surf when you jump in the sea, you can stay in that zone for quite a while without actually doing it.

Dialogue and communication creates safety.

I encourage you to connect that way of course!

Simply don't overdo it!

If you have 4 hours of play and 1 hour of sharing, that's a healthy balance.

If you talk for 4 hours and play for 1 hour, that's not too good usually.

Practice and embody!

Erotic conversations are an art by themselves.

You can definitely play on that zone and build worlds of erotic fantasies without even touching each other.

That's something else.

The topic of this post is sharing and conversations.

Sharing often means processing.

It brings emotions that can be challenging.

Simply check in with your partner.

Usually you will get signs like feeling a bit tired or entering in conflict mode.

Or your lover might complain or tease you on the talking.


Time for action!

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