Accept them!

Look at them!

Recognize them!

Acknowledge them!

Play with them!

See them!

Often, shadows are shadows because they are denied.

They go weird, underground, distorted because they are not owned or mastered.

If you give an opinion to someone and they say "You are judging me", simply say "Yes, I am"

It is really that simple.

"You are being manipulative"

"Yes I am"



Usually when someone accuses you of judging, the response will be:

"Well, I am not judging you, I am more like giving you some challenging feed back and it's just an opinion..."


These are just words!

Call it judging or challenging feed back!

They are along the same line and they both can be lights and shadows depending on how you look at them!

Judging is a power!
You have the right to have an opinion and voice it!

You don't have to apologize for it or pretend you are not doing it!

Do it and own it!

That's the message!

Be clear with your shadows!


Because seeing them and playing with them is a source of power and presence!

You are happier, more grounded, more present more real and more energized when you own your shadows.
Some shadows you might want to transcend.

Some other shadows you might want to keep them exactly where they are and even give them extra strength.


Because shadows are tools and weapons!

Sometimes in life battles, using a shadow is your best shot at mastering a situation or challenge!

Shadows are not some weird mistakes of creation!

They have been designed by nature as life mechanisms to respond to situations and challenges!
20'000 years ago, being aggressive is a survival tool that might allow you to kill an animal and feed yourself!

Without aggressive power you would be dead because you would not catch your prey and die of starvation.

See the dynamics?

Aggressiveness is often useful and is often labeled as shadow!

You can check every single shadow in your life and track them back to a useful pattern designed by nature at some point.

Give me any shadow and I will give you situations were it might save your life, your marriage, your carrier, make you way happier, or create freedom in your life!

Shadows are part of human nature!

Own them!

Play with them!

Master them!

But stop denying them!

Be real!

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