VITAL TANTRA is a unique tantra system I initiated years ago in the High Himalayas.

It is the nectar of everything I learned over 25+ years of spiritual training and 12 years of professional coaching.

I give you tools, tactics, powers, mind sets to optimize and master your life.

It includes energy training, coaching, activations, energy release, mantras, body work, raw food, community experience, communication skills, fun, high vibes in paradise and much more.



>> Simple techniques to build up energy
>> The basic mind sets to optimize and master your life
>> Deep understanding of relationship and sex dynamics
>> Tools to bring abundance in your life
>> Energy techniques to manifest emotional freedom and release traumas
>> Targeted powers in the form of mantras
>> Effective communication tactics to solve conflicts
>> Healing and nurturing experience
>> Simple ways to optimize your nutrition
>> Fitness and training approaches to apply straight away in your life
>> How to shift negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions
>> Deep understanding of your own shadows
>> How to access light vibration
>> How to manifest peace, love and harmony.
>> How to use, master or transmute challenging emotions
>> Safe space to get personified life tactics designed for your unique situation
>> Fun and uplifting community experience
>> How to stay high and happy all the time
>> Tactics to tackle common life challenges
>> How to clear and energize your chakras
>> How to be a visionary and consciously design your life
>> Dare to speak your own truth and be more grounded, real and authentic
>> And so much more



>> $500
>> All tantrika training included
>> Stay at Vital Gate or at your own place in town
>> Simple breakfast
>> Optional lunch
>> Pay the totality of your fee cash before the beginning of the event
>> You can as well send a payment via paypal to francisco@vitalcoaching.com



We are in Bali - 10 min from Ubud center in the rice fields - I will give you directions and exact location once you decide to attend.



>> Sunday Jan 25 - Move in at Vital Gate in the afternoon at 4 pm if you decide to be a resident
>> Monday Jan 26 - 7:00 am - Official start of your training
>> Friday Jan 29 - Noon - End of training
>> Saturday Jan 31 - Sunday Feb 1 - Optional decompression - No scheduled sessions except for optional 8:00 - 9:30 am Breakfast and sharing - If you were resident at Vital Gate during the training, you are free to stay until Sunday 11 am



>> 6:00 - 7:00 am - VITAL RISE - Prepare for the day.
>> 7:00 - 8:00 am - VITAL FORCE - Energy techniques to raise your vibration.
>> 8:00 - 9:30 am - VITAL TRIBE - Breakfast and sharing.
>> 9:30 - 10:30 am - VITAL MIND - Group coaching, Talk, Q&A.
>> 11:00 - 12:00 am - VITAL FORCE - Energy techniques and more.
>> 12:00 - 1:00 pm - VITAL FOOD - Optional lunch.



Sessions are high energy, fun, very engaging and interactive. Come here to participate and play. Group size will probably be 5-20 people.

If we have less than 5 people, some of the group sessions might be converted into individual 15 or 30 min sessions. This allows for more personal targeted coaching. Allow some flexibility with that.

If it is in the flow, some guest teachers might facilitate some of the sessions. I have a few exciting options in mind.

We might go for swims in refreshing river pools nearby. Magical spots filled with beauty.



Simple super healthy delicious raw food dishes - We prepare the dishes together and everyone participates - Breakfast and optional lunch are included in your program


This is not a sex event - Nothing wild - No nakedness or sexual touch in the sessions - We might touch on vital sex techniques that involve dynamic breathing or soft touch - The totality of the event is a safe, nurturing space that honors and totally respects any boundaries you might have.



Get in touch - Come for a visit to check the space - Meet me face to face before signing up - All possible - vitalcoaching@gmail.com - To know more about VITAL TANTRA and VITAL COACHING visit http://vitalcoaching.com



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