It is striking to discover that you or someone you know might be addicted to drama.

Why do you create it?

What do you get out of it?

It happens to people, places, communities, families, nations or organizations.

Drama is not some form of mistake!

It is inherent in the energetic blue print of that person, group or place.

Let's look at individuals.

What does someone create drama?

It is because drama gives them life!

It gives them energy!

Why is it that opera is dramatic?

Why is it that a good script or a good story needs twists and drama?

Because without it the public thinks it's somehow boring.

They think that some spice or energy is missing.

Imagine that the script is "They were living by the river and they were happy all the time - The end"

You would go like "Hey!!! Where is my drama?!!! There was no blood, no sex, no twist, no fights!"

In real life the same happens on a totally unconscious level.

People will trigger fights out if nowhere because they are bored.

If you live with someone who is addicted to drama you try to avoid fight or drama triggers.

They will say "I got angry because you did that", "Or that triggers me".

So as a good friend, lover or partner, you try to modify behavior or situations.

You make sure that you are as perfect as you can be.

You will be surprised that as soon as you modify a behavior to avoid a trigger, another trigger appears instantly.

This means that the drama addict will find reasons to go in drama zone.


Because it is an energetic addiction.

Without the drama, it feels incomplete!

It is like a month without sex or a meal without spice!

Drama is part if the energetic balance of that person.

This means that drama gives them qualities, energetic connections they need to feel alive and awake.

People study drama!

You actually go to school to learn it!

It is an art form!

Isn't that crazy!

Since childhood, you are programmed to create or be exposed to drama.

A person who is just clean light love and peace might appear boring to you!

You might say "Where is the shadow? Where is the edge?"

Women are usually more attracted to bad boys than nice guys, right?


Because shadow is seductive!

Simply saying "No drama today, ok?" might be successful for a while but when drama kicks in, it hits you even further.

So, when there is lots of drama, lots of fights outbreaks, lots of tension can it evolve to more peace, emotional stability and harmony?

Yes it can!

But if harmony means losing the intensity, look for ways to activate passion in different ways.

Why do you engage in spartan race instead of drinking healthy fruit cocktails by the beach?

Why do you activate your conquering mode instead of just relaxing?

Because it gives you energy!

Having goals, targets or ambitions moves energy and gives you life!

It is human nature!

Here comes the most powerful hint you will be exposed to today:

What if the goal is not to avoid drama but  to thrive in it!

You see?

We just created an essential perspective shift!

This means, that your reaction to drama is not avoidance, it is excitement!

You feel drama and you go "Great! Juice!"

Next time you are exposed to drama, try this: "I live drama! I love the challenge! I love the fire! I love the intensity!"

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