In the shadow way, manipulation would be trying to get you to say things, make choices, take decisions, make commitments that are not in alignement with your truth or what you really want.

For instance someone might manipulate you to get you to come to a party when you know it is not for you.

Or they might manipulate you to get you to do things for them.

Suppose you are a man and you meet this woman.

She might manipulate you in making you believe she wants to have sex with you when in fact all she wants is you to buy her dinner.

So, she is not being true.

She makes you believe that she has a certain agenda when in fact she has another one.

In a way it is working with unspoken agreements.

Manipulation is often misleading.

To define it simply, shadow manipulation is when someone manipulates, energies, actions, beliefs, crowds, individuals to get a certain outcome without being clear about it.

If the outcome or your agenda is a good one, the use of the manipulation shadow might be for a good cause.

For instance, you might manipulate a bank manager to reveal certain truths about a bank's criminal activity.

In that case, you use shadow manipulation techniques for a good purpose.

Is it still shadow?

Well yes but used for a good cause.


A gun can be used to protect someone you love!

It can save someone's life!

Or it can be used to kill an innocent person!

Same shadow weapon!

Various uses or intentions!

Get it?

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