A shadow vehicle is an energy body that you develop and allows you to navigate the shadows you are exposed to.

Why vehicle and not just tactics, strategies or mind sets?

Because it is like having a plane with navigation system, developed controls and possibilities.

You need mind sets, emotional tools, communication skills, habits, network, support, sources of knowledge, maybe some magical protection, experience, training and much more.

You see?

It is a whole set of skills and tools, not just a couple of shadow tactics!

The goal is to master shadow environments, to be able to face and play with shadow energies.

Imagine that you want to learn how to swim.

You jump in the water.

You learn the moves.

Within 1 to 3 months of training you become a good swimmer.

You have a swimming body.


Same story!

You jump in the shadows!

You learn some moves!

You train your emotional responses and your mind sets.

You expose yourself to more shadows to test your resistance and skills.

Within 3 months of training you have the basics of a shadow vehicle.

What does shadow training look like?

Well, it can be an organized system like a spiritual or personal development school or it can be just life.

For most people it's just life.

The chances are high that this is how you will develop a shadow vehicle.

Different things can happen.

Here are some examples:

  • You have a lover who will take you through challenging emotions and situations. As you learn to deal with them, you develop a shadow vehicle. 
  • You decide to take off on a raft accross the pacific to test your survival skills.
  • You retreat in an himalayan cave and train your mind.
  • You go through six months of high intensity physical training to test your limits.
  • You launch a new business and face the challenges of the commercial world.
  • You make a baby.
  • You retreat for 3 years in a Shaolin monastery in China.
  • A natural disaster hits your country and you have to fight to save your family.
  • You have to fight a war to defend your country.
  • You are attacked by the media over something you did years ago.
  • You have been abused or bullied as a kid.
  • Etc.
All these situations and experiences will train you!

They will activate your survival skills.

The system I develop with VITAL TANTRA is aimed at giving you tools to face your life challenges and eventually create this vehicle.

The shadow vehicle is not the only thing we focus on but is a core aspect of your training.

You are ready for shadow activation when you already have a good base in most areas.

If you are emotionally unstable and already vulnerable it might not be the right time to activate more shadows.

Life itself comes your ways with gifts and learning experiences you have to go through.

It will sometimes confront you with powerful energies just to test you.

To create diamond, you need fire and pressure.

If the spirit gives you energy and another force projects fire on you, the interaction between the fire and the spirit will create this vehicle.

It is the friction between these opposite forces that often leads to your awakening and the development of powerful new skills.

In my experience, the field of love and sex is a powerful shadow training area.

Simply dealing with the various aspects of your sex life will activate emotions, mind sets, shadow games and a whole landscape of possibilities that will develop your shadow vehicle.

Experiences like cheating episodes, break ups, abuse, betrayal, fights and other relationship challenges can be the triggers to a whole new expansion of your consciousness.

You need to be smart and wise though.

You can go through these experiences alone but getting some support, feedback or reflection can immensely speed up your process and limit your suffering.

When you are exposed to emotional turmoil, you might feel that something important is happening to you but you might as well lose your mind in these energy battles.

This is where I come in and keep you on track.

If you have next to you a spiritual warrior who understands the shadow dynamics and guides you through them, that gives you extra power and protection.

Getting help, guidance or teaching is not 100% necessary and many people decide to face these challenges alone.

This is ok!

This is why there is such a diversity of possibilities!

Next time a challenge hits you, see the impact of the spirit in your life and ask yourself: "why is this challenge hitting me right now?"

What is the learning experience you have to go through right now?

What do you need to learn?

Shadow attacks are the way the spirit forces you to evolve and improve!

It is in the moments of challenge that human nature and human power reveals itself.

Embrace these challenges and you will win!

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