This is another shadow.

It's a variation of lying.

You will fake cry when you want to manipulate your partner, parents, friends or audience.

Kids sometimes do that.

A lover might fake emotional pain to get attention.

Someone might say they missed you when they don't, to keep you hooked on them and give you the hope that they still want you.

They know they are moving on but still enjoy cultivating the past romantic dream they had with you.

This is a classical break up pattern.

You might do it to someone or it might be done to you.

A child might have a tantrum and stop straight away as soon as they notice this doesn't get them any attention.

Another example of faking pain are soccer players on the field who theatrically fake pain to trigger stronger punishment from the referee or alliance from the audience.

It looks so childish!

And they totally lose face and credibility as soon as everyone realizes they were faking it.

A woman might fake orgasm to avoid drama or get her partner to feel empowered.

When you look at it, it's easy to define that as a form of lie and truth gap.

Many more examples.

What comes up for you?

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