How do you respond when someone says no to you?

Can you take it and respect that person's boundary or do you enter in vindictive mode projecting your anger, emotional threats, vindictive response or wrath?

This can happen for instance with sexual pressure and lead to violence or abuse of all sorts.

You have the right to say no and so does anyone else.

This right to say no is the right for self determination.

It is a basic human right.

When you force someone to do something they don't want to do, you violate one of their most basic human rights.

This is the basic mind set.

Of course, you have power transfer systems that give you permission to cross that line.

These are agreed power transfers where some power is delegated to someone else.

It happens with child / parent relationships.

It happens in organizations when someone works for you.

It happens as well in social circles where social control acts as a guiding behavior system.

Governments and other power systems receive as well some right to direct you in exchange for you living somewhere.

Back to simple male / female dynamics, you can see that respect is a key ingredient to harmony.

The disrespect shadow is powerfull in today's world and leads to abuse and trauma.

Ask yourself these questions:

How do you respond when someone says no to you?

Do you honor and respect or do you attack, fight back, force, emotionally react, victimize , demand or take revenge?

Are you able to voice your no?

Do you tend to be accomodating by fear of consequences if you say no to someone?

To be followed...

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